Educational Video

Train your staff, inform your customers and teach your students through the most engaging, interactive and proven form of media. 85% of people would rather watch a video than read the text so why not give them what they want?

Educational videos can be used time and time again; don’t bore your audience with endless paper instructions and handbooks. Create video they can get involved in, it takes all your text and waters it down to a compelling and concise piece of educational media.

Educational Video Showreel


You Need Video

  • 1

    1 minute of video is as powerful as 1.8 million written words

    Source: Heehaw

  • 200

    In the UK over 15 million people will watch 200 million videos online today

    Source: Business2Community

  • 6

    Video is 6 times for effective than print and direct mail

    Source: Three Motion

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You Need Video

Find out how your business can benefit from video...

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