How we got filming again during a pandemic

Due to the global pandemic, we've had to change how we operate to keep everyone safe on our shoots. We've made a number of changes to our production process and shoot days to comply with the new industry and government guidelines, keeping everyone safe from COVID-19.

We have create a mini web series to keep you informed, with our founder, Adam, talking through the changes. Check it out below!

How we're operating on shoots

It is true that we're already filming safely, conducting shoots with some of our fabulous clients such as Severfield plc, Storetec and UniGloves.

This is how we're doing it:

Travel in COVID-19

Following on from how we're operating shoots, blog and video number two in our webinar series is all about how we're traveling across the country to different shoots. With what we do, we generally have a need to travel, if it can't be shot in our studio, so we've taken steps to keep everyone safe as detailed below.

Why pre-production is even more important in a pandemic

The pre-production stage is one of the most important in a production process - in our opinion - the most important!

It's even more crucial that extra care is taken in a pandemic at this stage of a production.

Changes to our risk assessments in COVID-19

With every shoot, we deliver a risk assessment. We've adapted these with all the risks of COVID-19 in mind and as normal, one will be delivered seven days before a shoot.

Mental health in a pandemic

The mental health of our team, clients, suppliers and everyone involved with what we do is important. We've taken measures to look after people who work with us as explained in this video.

If you have any questions about how we are reacting to COVID-19 or would like to discuss a project, please feel free to get in touch.

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