How we're travelling during COVID-19

Following on from how we're operating shoots, blog and video number two in our webinar series is all about how we're traveling across the country to different shoots. With what we do, we generally have a need to travel, if it can't be shot in our studio, so we've taken steps to keep everyone safe as detailed below.


We are aiming to film everything as local as we can in Yorkshire, whether at our own studio or a location nearby. If we do need to travel, that isn't a problem, we will transport ourselves via our cars.

Every crew member will make their own way to the shoot in separate cars and there will be no car sharing.

If we need to go further afield, or a difficult to reach place with a car, we will look at going on a train or a plane. We will aim to use quieter services where possible and will adhere to the new safety guidelines from the operator.


Although we are trying to avoid overnight stays, with the nature of what we do, that is sometimes difficult. If we do need to stay somewhere, we have contacted all the usual hotel chains that we stay with, such as Premier Inn. We are abiding by their guidelines and will follow their lead whilst we are in their properties.


Eating out will change as time goes on and the world recovers from the pandemic. For now, our crew encouraged to bring their own food to shoots, this will avoid anyone needing to leave the location and makes sure we are prepared on the day.

If we need an overnight stay, again, crew are encouraged to bring food for the evening and have it in their room, or get a takeaway, if they wish.

Every safety measure we are putting in place is for your safety and those around you to stop the spread of the virus. In video three, we talk about pre-production and why this stage of the production is evermore important in a pandemic. In the meantime, if you'd like to discuss filming for a project, we'd love to hear from you.

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