Filming again… Under new guidelines!

The Coronavirus pandemic like the majority of companies, has made us re-think how we do things in this new normal. We’re hopeful the restrictions won’t be here for long but the safety of everyone who interacts with Reel Film is our first priority.

Communications have changed in the last few weeks and our production filming days have therefore had to be adapted. We’ve created a video web series to let you know how we’re getting back to shoots.

Video One... Shoots!

It is true that we're already filming safely, conducting shoots with some of our fabulous clients such as Severfield plc, Storetec and UniGloves.

This is how we're doing it:

Social distancing

Social distancing will be priority on shoot with two-metre social distancing enforced on all our film sets. These will be indicated by a box system we have developed where our two-metre box needs to be between any two people. Our crew will setup on the day maintaining good social distancing and if a small shoot, only one member of the crew will setup equipment. This might mean the shoot runs slightly slower.

PPE & Hand Sanitizer

We also have single use PPE gloves available in all sizes on our shoots. These will be enforced if people are touching the same objects or equipment. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available on our shoots at all times and we will make use of any outside areas we can for facilities, rest and filming.

Directing you

It is important we can still direct you and guide people on the shoot day, we will be bringing less crew to the shoot days but we will still ensure there is enough to complete the job within the required time, although the shoot might run slower. You are still in our hands on a shoot day and we will guide you through the day as we would have before.

Wash your hands

During our schedule we will have regular time allocated to washing hands for every person on shoot. This will be enforced at the start and end of the day, before and after lunch and while making drinks. We will also have other internals if appropriate to wash hands.

Every safety measure we are putting in place is for your safety and those around you to stop the spread of the virus. In video two, we talk about how we’re travelling safely, should we need to leave the confines of our studio! In the meantime, if you'd like to discuss filming for a project, we'd love to hear from you.

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