Scriptwriting and storyboards – The essential planning tools for video production

A guest blog from Carrie Mulligan, MD at True Owl Marketing.

When in conversation with friends who are outsiders to the world of videography and film, one common misconception seems to shine through more than most. This is, that videographers are true creative free spirits who come up with ideas on-the-spot.

Certainly, that’s true to some extent. Having a clear creative vision to follow will underpin the success of any project. What many people don’t realise however, is that the effectiveness of a video will often be decided before the cameras start rolling.

Once you’ve decided that you want to start a project, the first step you should take to turn your vision into a reality, is to create a script and a storyboard. Because, as important as creativity is, what turns a good idea into a quality piece of videography, is effective preparation. 

Storyboarding – Mapping it out

At the heart of every good project is a clear, well-written and engaging script. It’s basically your way of organising whatever is in your head and putting it into words.

This process is about articulating your vision to your production staff and video participants. You rely on others to turn your ideas into something real, and giving clear instructions is key to your success. A good script will save time and money, as those around you gain a clear understanding of what they need to do, allowing you to focus on the finer details. This can make or break the effectiveness of the video. 

Storyboarding – Mapping it out

What makes a script important is that it will inform your storyboard. We live in a world where visuals really count.  So, giving those around you a visual representation of your idea is essential. We’ve all been in situations where you try to explain what’s in your head to someone and they build a different mental picture entirely. A good storyboard will straighten out any confusion surrounding your vision.

It will map out how you want every shot to look, the order in which shots should be completed and how these visuals fit in with your script. Simply put, having a visual compliment to your script is how you build the full picture of your idea.

Planning is everything when it comes to making videos and should always be at the top of your list.  

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