Need to recruit? You need video…

At Reel Film we believe that video can be used for everything. To promote, to communicate, to highlight safety, for training, education and to capture events. The possibilities really are endless.  However, one aspect of business that is currently taking advantage of video is recruitment. We have been very busy with recruitment videos for businesses over the past 12 months and have produced content for ECCO Safety Group, White Cross Vets, North Yorkshire Police, Kloeckner Metals UK and many more. Let’s focus on the video we created for EnviroVent, to demonstrate the benefits recruitment videos bring for businesses.

Recruitment videos should show your company in the very best light and be seen by the best candidates for the role. Video should help to make the recruitment process easier and provide you with a Return on Investment (ROI).

Recruitment videos can be longer than a traditional promotional video, but they should always show the culture of your business and follow its ethos. 

The EnviroVent video shows the different departments within the organisation, and the staff speak for themselves. They talk about how much fun it is to work there, and why they enjoy it. The video demonstrates why it is a good company to work for. So, why not watch it and see what you think?

You will agree that it looks like an amazing place to work! Video demonstrates this in a way no other form of marketing can. You really gain a feel for the people, the environment (Vent!), their work, the clients and the values underpinning everything. 

You need video because it will show you brand off in the best light and attract the people you want to come and work with you. The success our customers have had using video for recruitment purposes is huge with some receiving more than three times the usual amount of applications.

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Just for fun...

Just for fun... Here's another one we made - for the police!

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