Video is the biggest single killer of...

…poor communication.

You’ll have heard that video provides a great way to describe a company, explain a product or build an engaged audience externally – but what does it do for internal communications?

If your company isn’t communicating effectively on the inside, it is difficult to expect your business to operate at the highest level it could be on the outside. The reality is that both elements are equally important.

At Reel Film, we help businesses to utilise video and animation internally, enabling them to communicate with their staff, whether they are a local or global business. Video saves a business time and also assists with ensuring that staff understand core elements such as business strategy, business change, health and safety and many more. 

The what’s and the who’s

We’ve worked on internal communication projects for some of the biggest brands such as EDF Energy, Lloyds Banking Group, the NHS, the BBC, Severfield plc and Disney.

We’ve created content to streamline business plans, deliver company results, spread new messages company-wide, highlight successes or bring everyone up-to-date with the latest news. 

Setting the scene…

We work on internal communications projects for one of the largest pharmaceutical brands in the world. They use video and animation to spread their internal key messages across the globe. 

Letting video do the talking

A recent project we completed for them involved filming in both Switzerland and London. We created two videos, one to showcase their successes within the last 12 months internally, the other to highlight the good work they are carrying out externally. This second video was created for a conference they were holding in Osaka, Japan, attended by 300 of their overall team of 600 people. Interestingly these 600 individuals made up just one department!

By using lively and engaging content in this way, , the event in Japan inspired its attendees from the very beginning, however it also provided a method to share information with the 300 staff members who were not able to attend. Video provides a company with flexibility, it doesn’t matter where you are as long, as you can connect your device, you are able to view. And many companies choose to share videos via their internal intranet so that everything is accessible in one place.  

Time is money

The cost savings made by engaging the team members and keeping them informed, without the expense of sending them to Japan was a considerable figure sum. Therefore, the client saw a large return on investment in a very short space of time – and everybody was happy.

If you’d like more information on our internal video communications please get in touch, we’d love to help!

And if you needed any further incentive, we guarantee that this service provides more than 10x a return on your investment

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