Why homeworking needs engaging internal communication like never before

We’re living in different times with many people in the population working at home. We’ve all spent the last few days adapting to our new way of working, with remote edit setups, team meetings happening on Zoom and the biscuit tin getting raided three times a day!

Internal communication is essential for businesses and after delivering internal film projects to clients for the past five years we understand it is needed now more than ever.

Here are some ways you can keep your team engaged and in the loop with this ever-changing new world.

Weekly Film Updates

Why not start each week by releasing a film on your internal intranet or team messaging platform, such as Slack. This could be a short animation, film using stock footage or even user generated film educating your team on the latest developments, how the business is reacting and state of play across the business with important news.

It should be designed to bring your team together, make them feel valued and keep the business operations running as smoothly as they can be. A film or animation is much more engaging than written text and many companies are using this to communicate.

Online Video Conferencing Meetings

A new way of working? It’s certainly getting us all over that fear of sitting in front of a camera!

Daily or regular meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype are fantastic way to keep communicating and giving employees some much needed social contact.

A top tip: you can record meetings on these platforms and share them with your team. It keeps everyone in the loop and means you can also go back a listen over it if you need to check anything.

Positive Messaging

The power of positivity! Why not release some internal content just designed to keep morale up, maintain culture and spread some good vibes? It’s very much needed by some people in the world today and might help just put some minds at rest.

Got some important news? Use some fun stock footage and deliver it via film. Make an April Fools joke video to give everyone a laugh and create some internal content so everyone gets in the Easter spirit together still.

Film and animation are wonderful ways to bring this to life for people and are easily rewatchable.

If you’d like anymore advice, feel free to drop us a message as we will get back to you.

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