Explaining the next layer in fabric defence through a 60-second motion graphics film

Type of Video
Product Launch

Project Objectives

Camira Fabrics wanted a new product video for their StaySafe product, an anti-allergy covering that is applied to materials, avoiding the spread of viral infections. They wanted a piece of content that explained where it could be used, how it works and what it protects humans against. They wanted it to be easily understandable, used online and by sales people.

Our Solution

We applied a motion graphics treatment to this brief to help us fully bring alive elements of the scenario you can’t visually see. We placed exact pictures of different material in the scenes for 100% accuracy and brought alive the application process on screen. Seeing the viral infections surrender to the StaySafe treatment while keeping it on brand and message turned this piece of content into a huge success for Camira Fabrics.