New textiles weave a story of timeless Japanese craft

Type of Video
Product Launch

We've worked with Camira Fabrics on films and animation to launch products and market services to their customers across the globe.

Project Objectives

We told a story. We showcased the damage plastic was having on our environment and its wildlife. We showed how Camira and their partners are driving a change for good within their industry while creating a beautifully elegant fabric, inspired by the ocean through it’s waves and ocean sounds to contribute to their launch - with all social dimensions considered!

Our Solution

Our 45-second video drew a line from traditional Japanese ink painting to the fabrics’ simplicity and elegance. Silky shots of graceful brushwork echo the harmony of the weave, while a mix of close-ups and sets showing how the fabrics match convey a quality that runs from yarn through to finished cloth.


A campaign launch in numbers that drove sales globally of this stunning new product in line with marketing collateral

  • 10,000 Video views

  • 130% Increase in shares

“It's a really beautiful video. Thanks so much for all your work on this; we all love it and it definitely helps to elevate the launch having something that looks so great.”

Rebecca Hamer, PR & Communications Manager, Camira Fabrics
Camira Top Down Shot
Camira Sumi & Kyoto Filming
Camira Sumi & Kyoto Behind the Camera