Premium product videos to show the latest technology used in a lifestyle content

Type of Video
Product Video

Project Objectives

Chameleon Technology asked us to create a product video of their I.VIE platform, this was to show the technology behind their product in a lifestyle sense, as we saw a real couple using it to manage their day.

Our Solution

For this, we enlisted the help of two actors and a location to bring to life the narrative of the device. We created a script that ran from morning to night time and showcased how people can interact with the I.VIE product in different elements of their lives.

This video was created to develop trust in consumers and give a practical, visual guide on how it can be used day-to-day.

WOW! When we showed it the conference, everyone was transfixed, it went down a storm and we’ve had so many leads from it!

Jennifer Woodhall, Marketing & Communications Director, Chameleon Technology