Narrative driven video for the thriving baby brand as part of a new brand launch

Retail | Lifestyle & Lesiure
Type of Video
Brand Launch

Project Objectives

Ickle Bubba approached us with the need for video content to go alongside their exciting new brand and product range launch. They had the vision of turning the baby journey into a short sharp video to tell new parents; you’ve got this! We were asked to create a narrative-driven film, suitable for multiple territories and with extra social clips for the company's new direction.

Our Solution

We needed to immerse ourselves with the team at Ickle Bubba to understand the journey of new parents. Our research saw us uncover the raw moments, the reality of parenting and the magical parts too. This allowed us to create a film using models and a house location that is supportive, inspiring and honest - showcasing that Ickle Bubba understands - and they have your back! The film was central to the brand's launch and was complemented with exciting product content.

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