Authentic and social-friendly ambassador content with Olympic gold medalist, Sally Gunnell

Lifestyle & Lesiure
Type of Video
Ambassador Content

Project Objectives

We work with Jacuzzi UK to create content around their brand ambassadors from both a performance and wellness standpoint. First up was the 1992 Team GB Gold Medalist, Sally Gunnell. Sally is a Jacuzzi wellness ambassador, so we spent a day with Sally to find out all about her pursuit of wellbeing. Social snippets were on the agenda with this project as well.

Our Solution

The production team filmed in various locations with Sally as we explored her drive for wellbeing in life and the different factors that contribute to that. We explored how her Jacuzzi products contribute to that, live on a day that a new one was getting installed! A longer-form, six-minute video was created as well as shorter snippets edited in square and vertical video for use on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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