A testimonial led product video boosting infection control across the NHS

Public Sector | Healthcare
Type of Video
Product Video

Project Objectives

The NHS Deep Cleaning & Advisory Service approached us to create a product video for a game-changing new product for the nursing community across NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom to combat infection control. They wanted to show the benefits of the new community care bag, working in situ, and also testimonials from real nurses singing the product's praises. The NHS Deep Cleaning & Advisory Service has the ambition to see these bags in every trust in the country and wanted to use video to make that vision a reality.

Our Solution

We created a narrative-driven video with nurses as the hero's they are. Over the nurses speaking about their real experiences of using the product, we painted a picture using stunning 4K shots to show a nurse on a typical day at work seeing a patient. As the testimonies narrated the film, we matched it with shots to show the real-world benefit and impact this revolutionary new product is having on the NHS.

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