Tracking steel from truck to Thames for the Riverside Stadium in a mini-documentary for the UK's premier steel company

Type of Video
Case Study Film

Project Objectives

Severfield plc approached us to document their biggest project yet in terms of logistics. They wanted a longer form video to tell the story of how they moved steel across land and water, championing a real team effort from all departments, for the Riverside Stadium development for Fulham Football Club. With this steel travelling down London's River Thames, we needed to be on the case both with logistics and creativity.

Our Solution

We decided a mini-documentary was the best fit for the project, tracking the steel and the people involved from fabrication through to installation. With the narrative held together through interviews and impressive imagery captured from both the ground and air, Severfield have a piece of film production they can be proud of, showcasing the scale, quality and tenacity of everything they do.

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