Our sustainability commitment

Reel Film Camera

Sustainability is incredibly important to us, we take our planet and the sustainability of our people, clients and suppliers and the local community to heart.

We are signed up to Ecologi. Ecologi plant trees and fund the world's best carbon offsetting solutions, taking real action against climate change. We commit to making a climate-positive impact with Ecologi by signing up each employee that works for Reel Film to the scheme, with all membership costs covered by the business. The reforestation we do happens in low cost, high impact parts of the world to be as effective as possible during the climate crisis.

Currently, we plant over 120 trees and remove nearly nine tonnes of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere every month.

Plans are afoot (we love a plan!) to boost our sustainability credentials further as we aim to become a carbon negative business. These include

  • Travel to all UK shoots using an electric van
  • Pledge to use more local crew and talent across the country
  • Reduce our power usage by 20%
  • Provide all team members with reusable hot drinks flasks and water bottles
  • Become a paperless business

If you want to come along, taking part in our next tree planting day - come along!

Let's talk sustainability!

If you have any questions, we love a good natter about such an important topic - we'll get the kettle on!