Top tips for product demonstration videos

How many times a day do you see some form of advertisement for a product, whether a photo, brochure, offer, tweet, video or something else? Where do you see these, walking in the street, in a shop, on TV, on the radio, online?

You probably see them every day, you’ve probably seen quite a few today, one might even be in front of you right now. Product demonstration videos are becoming increasingly popular and it is understandable as to why. With 64% of consumers feeling more confident in online purchase decision in 2014 after watching a video and 85% admit they would rather watch a video than read the text.

Let’s take the biggest company in the world, Apple. Just look at their YouTube channel – every single video is a product demonstration video. But let’s look at one in particular, the iPhone… in the following video, how many different features can you count?

We counted 15 features, two products, shown in two different colours and the company branding. That was just 30 seconds.

Here are some of my top tips for product demonstration videos:

1. Don’t concentrate on the sales, concentrate on the product and then the sales will come

The biggest mistake brands make is they push the price. They speak about how much value the product is for money – but people hate the thought of giving away their hard earned dosh. People want to know they are buying a quality product – if you show that product off in the best possible light then you needn’t mention money and the sales will come.

2. Don’t include things you don’t have to, such as a presenter unless necessary

If I was to buy a product I want to watch a video of the product, not one of somebody talking about it. The seconds that presenter spends on screen is time wasted showing the product. Presenters can work for some companies, but for product videos you want an actor to be using the product if you need someone in shot or video testimonials from real people who have used it.

3. Get your brand on it, but don’t be pushy

If you produce a product you want the brand awareness, you want people to know it is yours. Simply a logo at the start and end of the video will do the job. Don’t force the brand – people know it is you.

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