BLOG: 90 days filming

Guest blog by Reel Film's full-time videographer, Matt Kerins.

The first thing I’d like to highlight in this recap of the last 90 days is that I have shot more footage than I ever have in my life.

Some days have been long, busy and exciting, darting all over the place from location to location, up and down the country. While some days have been quite local and calm, giving me enough time to stroll round Harrogate's Valley Gardens and enjoying the nature. Or sat in a waiting room for an hour or so watching the world go by, casually waiting for my next client testimonial. I am grateful however, that I spent the last 90 days with a camera in front of me.

I’m writing this on what I’d like to call a quiet day, but if I said that out loud I’d be sure to get two pairs of eyes burning a hole in the back of my head for the duration of the day. More coffee please? Ahem. So I’m in the office shooting some pack shots for ‘Beverly Hills Formula’ on our nice little green screen set-up, with some 90’s trance slowly building in the background. As I look back over the last few months of filming, I try to recap some of the things I’ve learned about my craft, about things I never expected to incorporate in my work, and how we managed it all in just 90 days.

When you look at the body of clients our company has amassed in the relatively small amount of time it’s been in operation, it’s easy to feel a sense of excitement for what’s to come. I’ve been here for just over six months now as a Videographer/Editor, and to see how far Reel Film has come in terms of quality of work produced is amazing. One of the most interesting aspects of our work is how different each film will be from the last. We consistently shot 5 days a week for a month, with huge companies like Sky, Santander, Hilton, Landsec, Nestle and so many more, seriously, so many more. We even shot in Zurich a couple of times for pharmaceuticals company, Takeda. I’ll let you try to imagine just how diverse these projects must have been, set against the backdrop the blistering Swiss heat right before a thunderstorm. The people are lovely in Zurich. Chocolate is sold by the slab, and the teatime entertainment of a troupe of contortionists definitely put an exotic spin on the trip, quite literally.

Zurich Thunderstorm
Zurich Thunderstorm

If I had to choose a highlight from the Matt Kerins Hall of fame to recap, shooting at IBM would be a strong contender. We shot with Rashik Palmer to talk about potential employability traits in young people and what companies like IBM are looking for. We touched on agricultural sustainability and various global problems to which I found myself scrambling for ideas to try and save the world on the spot. Not an easy task, apparently.

Our recruitment videos for North Yorkshire Police were a great highlight and I was incredibly proud about the audience they had reached. To be a part of something important and raising awareness for a good cause is an especially rewarding feeling that I doubt I will ever tire of. Having said that most of the work we do is rewarding, be it; events, animations, commercials, testimonials or internal comms.

90 days means 90 days. I am a hobby photographer almost every moment I’m not a videographer. My friends will tell you that I spend too much time on long walks with 2 or 3 rather large cameras slung over my shoulder, so as long as I have the use of my spine, I will continue to shoot in my spare time. The past few weekends have been extremely busy for me as I’ve been trying to improve my skills as both a photographer and videographer by challenging myself shooting a wide variety of subjects, ranging from black and white portraiture to infrared landscape time-lapses. The excitement of perpetual curve balls and interesting, original subject matter brings a sense of adventure that will carry the buzz, far longer than the super strong coffee at the office.

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