Shoot! It went wrong... But did it really?

With every new customer one of the first things that we always ask is if they've had any video content made before. If it's a yes, the next question is "Ah, why have you chosen to come to us now?”

Generally, they will express grievances with the service they received elsewhere, or they fancied a change or sometimes that the videos didn't work! If it is the last reason, I ask why they didn't work and usually the client has drawn a blank. Then will then say to me, “That’s your job isn’t it, to make it work?"

Which over time has got me thinking, how do they know the videos didn't work? Maybe the videos are just fine, but they aren't being marketed correctly? Or maybe they just don't know how to measure the return from video?

I know from our own experiences how effective video can be. We've had a client make £650,000 in sales over a two-year period, had another save approximately £100K per annum on an internal video and a further client saw their website numbers increase by 400%.

How are we sure of these numbers?

Because we measure them. We work with our clients to ensure their video content is effective. It is a fact that, if it doesn't do anything for your business, then there isn’t any point doing it.

Generally I reply to the "That's your job" line with "Did you measure what you got from it?" And if so, “How?”

Often we will then help them with their video strategy, defining what they need the video to do, and how they can measure the effectiveness of the video campaign. Delivering a return on investment to our clients is pivotal to everything we do. If we generate a return you’ll keep buying, you'll keep growing your business and we can keep working together. It's a win-win situation for all. I would of course say that we create some of the best video content, but don’t just take it from me, here is what our clients say...

Ask yourself, if you want a marketing strategy that delivers a return on investment? Powerful, isn't it? Get in touch and we'll tell you how it can be achieved. And, if you've already got content, don't just bin it. It might not have worked to date, it might seem wrong but it also might be absolutely fine. Revisit it and let’s see what can be done.

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