Virtual Reality

The video marketing landscape has a new friend

Innovation is key in the evolving world of video and at Reel Film we like to keep up with the current trends. Delivering emerging technologies to our customers is part of our ethos and 360 video is very much involved in that.

So, who can use it? Just about any business really. It is accessible on any mobile or desktop device.

As you move around the room, so does the video in a 360-first-person fashion. Imagine looking around a property, walking into a football stadium, visiting the new shopping centre or just giving a tour of an office. All of this can be achieved from video, and  you can look in any direction, as though you are there – LIVE! Accessible from anywhere in the world, and by anyone!

360 video is a way to immerse your potential customers within your company like never before, you can show them around and give them an unparalleled experience, without even meeting them. What’s even more impressive, is that it's quick to do and extremely cost-effective.

What other I way enables you to get in front of your audience when they are sat at home?